New Way of Renting with an Interactive Journal

New! Get an extra layer of rental protection, take the mystery out of renting.

Keys To Renting Success

90% of us do not have a rental back up plan for a rental disaster according to the tenants rights in California, New York and every where in between and beyond. This fuels the unspoken secret that ‘Tenants Basically Have No Rights’.

News flash!

Lets work in keeping ... a journal and discussing issues. Can help with the flip side of the unlimited amount of unpredictably in renting today! The only real way to stay on top of your rental is to keep a journal of events which can be 'rental' insurance. Handy at a moments notice, for renting success, if you want to discuss any aspect of your rental.

Change The Way You Rent Today.

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We Have A Plan for Everyone

Interactive Journal Tools
  • Access Rental home search
  • Rental Agreement
  • Check List
  • . NEW! Interview The Manager
  • . NEW! Request Fix It Form to Management
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Interactive Journal Tools
  • Custom Plan with 80 page E Book of how tos and tips. Journal with categories to log 24/7.

  • Upload photos, videos, text messages, correspondence, keep details about all aspects of your rental, roommates details, kids, pets and parking.

  • Easy print outs in minutes.
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Interactive Journal Tools
  • Package of 16 individual plans at a discount.

  • Saves time and costs. Offer to your clients. Tracking information for rentals. Give stronger records keeping.

  • Easy print outs in minutes.
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Rentals coming soon.

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Tenant to Manager Forms

Manager's Interview (get to know who they are). Notice To Manager Fix It, In-Out check list. Submit to owner or to keep on file.

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Need help?

This list offers access to agencies through the USA to help you and your rental.