About Tenants Journal

Tenants Journal was founded on the principal of giving the renter assistance with an extra layer of protection by keeping their rental information in order. Sounds simple but in the bigger picture if not kept in order with legal timelines it can be a disaster. We had to learn the hard way and it was difficult with no one to talk to as we went thru the steps of the housing court system. Taking days of time 'putting together' our evidence for courts which some we missed but came out ok at the end. It's been a painful journey and found that a journal was missing in renting so we created it. We wanted to get the journal to everyone renting and have them not suffer any issues. We have given you steps to avoid termination or falling victim to items you may have missed. It can truly mean your future.

The journal when fill out correctly can possibly save thousands of renters from being evicted and can curb issues with managers giving a tenant a voice.

We found from the tenants that keep data are savvier renters. Document and date everything daily if necessary. They know having their documents in order can curb issues with a landlord and possibly stop an eviction. It just all makes common sense.

Empowering tenants to be more knowledgable and confident to work with their landlords to help curb issues if they arise.

If 95% percent of tenants do not have a back up plan there's clearly a problem. As a tenant with tenantsjournal.com you will have more empowerment with your rental and more control over your information. Keeping track of your documents, time/dated photos, information about your kids, pets, room mates and notes on manangement and monitoring your events you are at risk of loosing your rental. It's so easy to gloss over a conversation with manager, forgo critical deadlines mostly because we don't know that by keeping records as these it can be your most valuable asset in renting.

We created tenants journal, a simple direct way for tenants to add an extra layer of protection beyond just the rental agreement because of what we have learned from our own painful renting experiences. We all know keeping records is good but we want you to know how critical it is and can save you a lot of grief if you dont get the right information collected while you are paying your rent on time.

Looking around at our housing economy we see huge changes with renting which is growing by leaps and bounds, leaving more room for risk. It appears like this trend is only getting bigger.

We are renters with years of experience in both commerical and residential properties and are not lawyers. We want you to consult with an attorney right away if you have any concerns.